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East Asia Trip

I had never traveled outside of the United States, let alone gone further west than Texas. Presented with an opportunity to go and deliver Bibles to Chinese tourists in East Asia was a tempting offer, however with only a few months until my wedding day I had reservations about traveling so far, and most of all the finances involved. So I declined and continued on being a singles minister at my church. Then the Lord provided all the funds to go on the trip and the team needed just one more guy to join them. I heard the Lord clearly,”Go!”.

So, I did my research, packed my bags for East Asia, and prepared for my first experience overseas in missions. I had no clue what to expect and expected a third world experience. Nothing could be further from the truth. We landed in East Asia before traveling to our final destination and I was blown away by how much our cultures were alike and how simple it was to travel in another country. Then we continued on to our final destination and I was greeted with internet, food, bottled water, electricity and a normal toilet. All my fears were gone!

Every day I would Skype home to my family and fiance. My mother was in the hospital fighting an infection from breast cancer treatments and I was able to talk to her every day. I also wrote down every thought and funny thing that happened so I could remember it for years to come. The first day we got to speak the native language and offer free Bibles was incredible. This was truly an awesome ministry of empowering people with God’s Word, many who had not seen a printed copy and cherished the idea of owning one to read. I even was able to be a singles minister to a US soldier stationed and on medical leave. I was able to be a singles minister, a million miles away from my church. God is awesome.

One day I woke up, having dreamed all night in the native language which I did not know. It was a happy dream, but just like reality, I had no clue what was going on. The Lord was deepening my heart for these people and to this day I pray for them. When our trip concluded, we had passed out over 10,000 Bibles in one week and saw people come to know the Lord. My biggest take away from this trip was that God had grown me through this trip and every person should experience another culture in missions as part of their spiritual growth.

I want to encourage you as a single adult to be bold in your finances and time for the Kingdom. Make a plan to go on mission for Him and take opportunities and risks to see that happen in your own life. Missions in another country is something to be experienced in person if at all possible, but if you can’t go, then support and fund others to do so. Your gift will be helping them to grow spiritually and share the Good News around the globe. Be active in missions as a single adult and let God use you any way He can for His glory.

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