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The Key is the Struggle

Marriage is between one man and one woman. We also acknowledge that we live in a fallen world of sin that can entrap any of us. While many talk about the “normal sins” and “normal addictions”, we often push away those with same-sex attraction feelings because we are not equipped with God’s Word and compassion to help those in this struggle. The victory is to Be Complete in Christ and not be held captive by any sin.

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Same-Sex Households

There are 710,00 same-sex married couple households and 500,000 households with same-sex unmarried partners living together. In addition, 191,000 children live with same-sex parents.

2021 US Census

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8-11% Struggle with SSA

25.6 million single adults over 18 who have or do struggle with same-sex attraction, between 8 and 11%. Adults are two to three times more likely to say that they are attracted to individuals of the same sex or have had same-sex sexual experiences than they are to self-identify as LGBTQ+.

Williams Institute 2011

LGBTQ+ Singles

After climbing steadily for almost a decade, the percentage of Americans who identify as LGBTQ remained steady at 7.2% in 2022


Gallop Survey 2022

19% Gen Z are LGBTQ+

Almost 1 in 5 adult Generation Z members, born between 1997 and 2004, identified in that way (19.7%), with the overwhelming majority claiming to be bisexual (13.1%).

Gallop Survey 2022​

1 in 10 Millennials are LGBTQ+

More than 1 in 10 millennials (11.2%) say they are LGBTQ+. Among older generations, the percentages are much smaller—3.3% of Generation X, 2.7% of baby boomers, and 1.7% of the silent generation.

Gallop Survey 2022​

77 % Christian LGBTQ+

Among LGBTQ+ adults who say they are religious, more than 3 in 4 (77%) identify as a Christian, including 28% who are Protestants.

Williams Institute 2020

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Resources to Reach Singles

At Table for One Ministries we are comprised of seminary professors, ministers, doctoral students, and lay leaders passionate about reaching singles. We also have done ministry for decades and know that even the most seasoned of leaders can use a helping hand sometimes. Our Ministry wants to help you get the tools you need to reach singles in your area.



Not all singles are the same.


Adults in America

Your community is more single than married.

- Our Statement -

On Marriage

Table for One Ministries’ mission is to build community for single adults through discipleship. Our ministry focuses on ministering to singles and helping them fully realize their completeness in Christ. Yet we also affirm the importance of marriage and believe that being complete in Christ is not just for singles but also for marriages. Additionally, while we desire to help churches reach and minister to the ever-growing single population, we want to acknowledge the importance of marriage in God’s redemptive plan for this world.

We affirm that God establishes biblical marriage as a life-long covenant between one man and one woman. Marriage is intended to be the perfect example of Christ’s relationship with his church and a living example of the gospel of forgiveness, grace, and mercy. The marriage relationship provides the only acceptable channel for physical intimacy between a man and woman. Additionally, marriage is God’s plan for the procreation of mankind and is vital to fulfilling His will for mankind and his kingdom.

We believe in the institution of marriage, and yet we recognize that many Christians are single for numerous reasons. Our goal is to help singles continue growing and desire a deep and intimate relationship with Christ now, regardless of their marital or relational status.

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