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Am I Single?

Defining the college-age student is near impossible. The average age of a college student is around 26, while most people who start college never finish. But, we acknowledge a difference between the 18-22-year-old adult and those who are single in this age range. We define these singles as collegiate. Young adults are still defining themselves as adults, and statistically, many will find themselves single into their late 20s. Our focus at Table For One is for everyone to know they are Complete in Christ.

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26 Years Old

The average age of college students is now 25 years old

College Ranker 2024

Most Collegiates Live at Home

Adults ages 18 to 24 live in the parental home, compared to 16 percent of young adults ages 25 to 34

America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2021

More Men Live at Home with Parents

Roughly three-in-ten unpartnered men (31%) lived in the home of at least one of their parents in 2019 compared to 24% of women. 2019

61% 18-34 Adults are Single

The percent of young adults ages 18-34 that are single. In 1978, 59 percent of young adults were married.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics 2022

Most Collegiates Work and Attend College

71% of college students work while attending school, with 43% working part-time and 28% working full-time.

Student Loan Hero 2021

2/3 Students use Loans

About two-thirds of college students take out student loans to help pay for their education.

Institute for College Access and Success, 2021

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Resources to Reach Singles

At Table for One Ministries we are comprised of seminary professors, ministers, doctoral students, and lay leaders passionate about reaching singles. We also have done ministry for decades and know that even the most seasoned of leaders can use a helping hand sometimes. Our Ministry wants to help you get the tools you need to reach singles in your area.



Not all singles are the same.


Adults in America

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