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- Who are Singles? -

8 Types of Single Adults

Singles are unique. To understand singles, you first have to see them. Singles come from many backgrounds; most would even prefer not to use the word single to describe themselves. There are 8 types of single adults in America, and defining them is the first step in seeing them.

- Know Your Community -

Be Single Friendly

Singles are not just in your community; they are your community. At Table for One Ministies, we advocate for singles and build community for single adults through discipleship. To do that, we start by seeing singles around us so we can uniquly reach each of them.


Adults 18-22 who are single

Never Married

Adults 22 never married


Singles who are actively looking to date


Singles who are engaged with a ring on the finger


Singles who were married and legally divorced

Single Parents

Parents of children who are not married


Singles who were married when their spouse passed

Same-Sex Attraction

LGBTQ+ Singles

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