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- Young Adults 20's & 30's -

Who are Young Adults?

Young adults are individuals in the early stages of adulthood, typically aged between their late teens and early thirties. This age group often represents a transition period between adolescence and full-fledged adulthood, marked by significant life changes and milestones. Young adults are in a phase of exploration, self-discovery, and decision-making that can influence their personal, educational, spiritual, and career trajectories.

- Young Adult Stats -

Young Adults are Single Adults

Delayed Marriage

29.8 is the average age for a first marriage for men and 27.8 for women as of 2022. This has increased every year for the past 25 years with a major increase since 2007.

Census 2022

45% Divorce by 30

The median age of first-marriage divorcees in America is 30. Divorced Single adults remarry on average just over three years after their last divorce. 45% of all first time marriage end in divorce.,

30 Years Old at Childbirth

While there was a large jump in birth rates for women in their late 30s, the decline seen in younger groups still brought the overall fertility rate down, shifting the median age at childbirth to 30

Census: 2022

Young Adults have Abortions

Over half of all abortions are for single women in their 20s. 

CDC 2020

College Age is Older

The average age of college students is now 25 years old. This average age takes into account both traditional college students who enroll immediately after high school and non-traditional students who may return to college later in life or attend part-time while working.

Student Loan Hero 2021

Most Young Adults are Single

Unmarried people in America 18 and older in 2021. This group comprised 53 percent of all U.S. residents 18 and older.

America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2021

Living with the Parents

From 2000 to 2023, an increase of 87% of singles in their 20s and 30s now live with their parents.

US Facts

- Gen Z Stats -

Mid-1990s to Early 2010s

Only Half in College

52% of Gen Z ages 18-23 were enrolled in college or university.

National Center for Education Statistics. 2020

Mental Health Challenges

Mental health is a significant concern for Gen Z, with 70% of individuals aged 13-23 stating that anxiety and depression are major problems among their peers.

 Pew Research Center, 2019

Social Justice and Activism

Gen Z is characterized by their strong focus on social justice and activism. 42% of Gen Z respondents identified as liberal, and 23% identified as very liberal.

Morning Consult. 2020

Environmental Concern

54% of individuals aged 18-23 stating that climate change is a major problem that requires immediate action.

 Pew Research Center, 2021

Loneliness Epidemic

Widespread loneliness in the U.S. poses health risks as deadly as smoking up to 15 cigarettes daily.

Americans spent about 20 minutes a day in person with friends in 2020, down from 60 minutes daily nearly two decades earlier.

The loneliness epidemic is hitting young people, ages 15 to 24, especially hard. The age group reported a 70% drop in time spent with friends during the same period.

US Surgeon General. 2023

Highly Connected

95% of ageS 13-17 have access to a smartphone and are the most technology-native generation to date.

 Pew Research Center, 2021

- Millennial Stats -

Early 1980s and Mid-1990s

1 in 10 are LGBTQ+

More than 1 in 10 millennials (11.2%) say they are LGBTQ+. Among older generations, the percentages are much smaller—3.3% of Generation X, 2.7% of baby boomers, and 1.7% of the silent generation.

Gallop Survey 2022​

Experiences NOT Stuff

Millennials are more likely to prioritize experiences over material possessions. 60% of millennials would rather spend money on experiences like travel and dining out than on buying things.

2021 report by Morning Consult 

Live with Parents

42% of millennials ages 18-29 lived with their parents, making it the most common living arrangement for this age group.

 Pew Research Center, 2020

$871 a Week

The median weekly earnings for full-time millennial workers aged 25-34 were $871.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021

More Diverse than Ever

Millennials are more racially and ethnically diverse than previous generations. 44% of millennials identified as non-Hispanic white, while 27% were Hispanic, 15% were Black, and 7% were Asian.

 Pew Research Center, 2019

$1.6 Trillion Student Loans

Student loan debt is a significant financial burden for many millennials. As of the first quarter of 2021, the total outstanding student loan debt in the U.S. reached $1.6 trillion.

Federal Reserve. 2021

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