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A Beer with Jesus?

Singles have every opportunity to misuse alcohol. From social situations or exploring a new relationship, to being alone at home where no one is watching. Many theologians have debated the issue of alcohol for Christians, but we will simplify a few things for this post.

For leaders, 1 Timothy 3:8 says you are not to be given too much wine. So as a leader, be above reproach and sensitive to those struggling with the issue. Choose not to drink in the company of those who could be confused or weakened by your actions. It’s your responsibility as a leader to be an example, so be one. Case closed.

Now, for what you are looking to read in the post.

Alcohol is not mentioned in Scripture as a substance we should not drink. However, repeatedly the Word talks about how drunks are not honoring God and make fools of themselves. So, where is the line? How many drinks is one too many? We simply believe when it comes to finding a line, to stay as far away from it as possible. Sure, you can have a responsible drink with friends who don’t take offense, but NEVER drink to socially impress someone, be part of the “in crowd”, or to have “fun”. Love those around you enough not to drink in front of them if it will cause them to stumble. If your drinking causes someone to stumble, the drink is not worth it.

Nothing could be further from truth than the idea of getting drunk to have “fun”. Single adults have fun all the time without the influence of alcohol to make it happen. At a dance party, a deejay told a singles minister he’d never seen so many people have fun on New Year’s Eve without alcohol. The minister replied “And the best part is, we wake up without headaches tomorrow and remember all of it!”

Being drunk causes harm to your body and your mind, and God calls those who get drunk fools. Party, have real fun, even have a social drink if you want, but never get drunk, and only drink around other if it won’t cause them to stumble in their faith.

The choice to drink is personal, cultural, and relational. Personal, because you need to know where your temptation lies with the possible abuse of alcohol and where your limitations are. Cultural, because a drink in different countries, cities, families, and social environments could affect your influence for Christ in those settings. Know your environment, how people will react to you taking a drink, and when in doubt, choose to abstain. Relational, your choice to drink will influence your Christian brothers and sisters. Make sure if you choose to drink, it does not cause them to stumble. We are all accountable for the influence we have on others. Remember, just because you can drink does not mean you have to. 1 Corinthians 10:23-33 address a believer’s freedom to choose perfectly.

As for having a beer with Jesus? This song was released in 2013 and has drawn much attention. If the song said “If I could sip some wine with Jesus,” it would be referencing Scripture in John 2. If you have not heard this song, you can watch it below. We are not speaking to the song writer or singer, just the title of the song. As a single adult you will be faced with social drinking situations. It is perfectly acceptable and responsible to just say no to any alcoholic beverage. But for those who do choose to have a drink, do so because you are of age and can do so respectfully  and out of love around others.

Stay away from the “drunk line” and honor God.

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