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Singles on TV

Singles on TV. While singles are not the norm on TV, there has been a trend over the last 20 years to include more singles in TV shows. Cartoons, sitcoms, dramas, even Lifetime movies, all have singles in them. But it wasn’t always this way. TV shows 20 plus years ago thrived on the married couple with kids and if singles where in the spotlight they were dating, but eventually, married.

So what changed?

In the last census, the average age of marriage being 29 for men and 27 for women. It should come as no shock that our world has changed to be more single than ever before. But the singles we find on TV never quite hit home with singles who are complete in Christ. Most of the ones portrayed in the media are promiscuous, often having several sexual partners in a season and all looking for someone to fill their void.

At Table for One Ministries, we believe that void can only be filled with a relationship with Christ. All the relationships you have in your life will not fill your emptiness as Christ will (Psalm 23:5).

Do not look to TV for examples of how to date and be complete, look to Christ. He knows the desires of your heart and if marriage is in your future He will guide you down that path. Being complete does not come in the form of a spouse, but in God becoming man and making an atonement for our sins on the cross to rise again three days later.

So next time you are watching TV, take notice of the single adult attitude presented on the show. It may surprise you how much you are influenced by these shows instead of God’s Word.

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