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Empower Your Singles Community with Creative Ministry Names

Another name for a Singles Ministry

What is another name for singles ministry? At Table for One Ministries we are not huge fans of catchy names. First, they can be confusing to an outsider or guest looking to connect with your church. What you find meaningful in a name may have a different meaning to someone else. Second, we should not be ashamed to use the word single just as most are not ashamed to use the word marriage. Last is an understanding that we may need a different name to reach our specific singles context, and that’s okay! Focusing on being single-friendly as a church is more important than a name for a life stage.

- Be Single Friendly -

Be Focused. Reach Singles.

53% of adults in America are singles. Single-person households have increased more than fivefold since 1960, from 7 million to 37 million. You don’t need a singles ministry; you need to be single friendly.



Not all singles are the same.


Singles in Church

Less than a quarter of your church is single, but your community is over 40% single.

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Never Married
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Same-Sex Attracted

Creative and meaningful names for singles ministries can help inspire a sense of belonging, purpose, and community among participants. These names can range from the playful and imaginative to the deeply spiritual and reflective. Here’s a diverse selection designed to cater to various themes and aspects of single life in a faith-based context.

Another Name for Singles

  • Solo Journey Fellowship
  • Single Sojourners
  • One Accord Community
  • Unite Singles Ministry
  • Solo Flight Faith Group
  • Pathfinders Singles
  • Singles Network
  • Lighthouse Singles Hub
  • Solo Stream Ministries
  • Faith Walkers
  • Single Hearts United
  • Oasis for Singles
  • Single Purpose Fellowship
  • Radiant Lives Ministry
  • Beacon of Hope Singles
  • The Gathering Solos
  • Solo Ventures in Faith
  • Guiding Light Singles
  • Bridge Builders Ministry
  • Solo Harmony
  • Faithful Singles Collective
  • Singular Spirit Community
  • New Horizons Singles
  • Singles 20 Something Ministry
  • Singles 30 Something Ministry
  • Singles 40 Something Ministry
  • Singles 50+ Something Ministry
  • Flourish in Faith
    Solo Serenity
  • Living Solo with Purpose
  • Crossroads Singles
  • Journey Together
  • Vibrant Singles Fellowship
  • Solo Strength Ministry
  • Single Minded in Christ
  • The Navigators Singles Ministry
  • Echoes of Faith Singles
  • Single and Surrendered
  • Empowered Singles
  • Singles Flourishing in Faith
  • Anchored in Christ Singles
  • Single Vision Community
  • Reflect Singles Ministry
  • Solo Grace Fellowship
  • Faithful Companions
  • Singles Embrace
  • Solitary Sojourns
  • Solo Quest for Faith
  • Unity Singles Group
  • Single Journeyers in Faith
  • Illuminated Paths Ministry
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