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3 Things to Remember for Singles at Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a casual and informal Thanksgiving celebration with friends. The term is a blend of “friends” and “Thanksgiving” and refers to a gathering where friends come together to share a meal in a potluck-style setting. Individuals or groups of friends typically organize Friendsgiving, which often occurs in addition to traditional family Thanksgiving celebrations.

Single Adult Statistics in America

For singles, their Friendsgiving may be the only holiday gathering they attend or invite others to. Singles are now 53% of the adult population in America. When we use the term family at the holidays, we often negate single-parent families that comprise over 40% of all families in America. If you want an intentional Friendsgiving this year, here are some things to remember so everyone is invited and welcomed!

1. Loneliness is an epidemic in America

Adults 18-22 who are single

With 50% of all adults saying they are lonely, according to the US Surgeon General, don’t assume everyone is having a Hallmark Thanksgiving or Christmas. When inviting or attending a Friendsgiving, remember to see singles around you and adults looking for community and connection.

Friendsgiving should be part of your disciple-making efforts, so it will have a long-lasting impact on the lives of those who attend.

2. Celebrate Connections and Traditions

Singles love new experiences, and a community is extremely valuable. As you gather and plan your Friendsgiving, think of ways for each person to bring something unique to the group from their lives they celebrate at holidays to teach everyone. Remember that for singles, traveling is expensive, and they often travel during the holidays to their married family and friends. Make your Friendsgiving inexpensive and invite people to the next gathering to keep the community going!

Who are Young Adults?

3. Scheduling your Friendsgiving for Singles

As you create your invite list, listen to the responses, not just the answers. If several of your people have no plans for the holiday, schedule your gathering on that day so they have somewhere to connect.

  • 18-22-year-old singles often join their parents for extended periods during the holidays, looking for a time a few weeks before or after a holiday to meet.
  • Dating singles may or may not want their love interest to join them at your Friendsgiving, so be sure to clarify they are welcome if they choose to bring them.
  • Recently divorced singles have traditions they may be breaking for the first time as they redefine their rhythms, so make sure to overly communicate that they have a place to be even amid a storm.
  • Single parents may have custody schedules, so hold the event when they can come with their kids.
  • Widows may have their first holiday without a spouse, so honor their loved one with a special moment of remembrance.

Single Focused Conference

Single Adults are the largest unreached people group in your community in 2024

Lastly, THANK YOU! Your Friendsgiving is special to singles in building community. Integrate a culture of being complete in Christ at your gatherings, and that marriage isn’t the finish line. We are called to go and make disciples in Matthew 28. Friendsgiving should be part of your disciple-making efforts, so it will have a long-lasting impact on the lives of those who attend.

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