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Between Separation and Divorce

Between Separation and Divorce, there is the:

Opportunity to focus on Christ.  Do you move forward with divorce? Seek wise counsel.  Look to His Word and as 1 Thessalonians 2:16 instructs us, pray continually.

Opportunity to grow your relationship with Christ.  Dust off your Bible and dig in. Look for verses to strengthen your heart.  Seek His comfort.

Opportunity to volunteer.  The adage that helping others will bless you may never be truer than if you are wallowing in the aftermath of a separation.

Opportunity to pray for healing the marriage.  No matter how angry or hurt you may be, Malachi 2:16 reminds us God hates divorce.  Step back from emotions and be certain where God is sending you.

Opportunity to reconnect with friends and family.  If you don’t move into the light, depression will set in.  Call the friend you haven’t seen in a year.  Spend time with that aunt you haven’t seen for months.  Gather your hugs and support where you can.

Opportunity to learn from mistakes.  When every option leads to a broken marriage, take time to assess the damage.  It may be financial. It might purely be emotional.  But changes will happen.

Opportunity to seek counseling.  DivorceCare, even while only separated, can offer clarification and practical advice.  Many churches offer wise counsel and group support for this difficult time.  Take advantage of any chance to heal and grow in a safe environment.

Opportunity to honor God.  Matthew 6:33 tells us, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”  (NLT) This is not a time to seek a new partner.  You are not single and hanging out in social environments geared towards singles is not wise.

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