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If you recognize these 7 signs, you’re more than happy being single

Introduction: Embracing the Single Life

Being single isn’t a sign that you’re missing out. In fact, for many, it’s a choice that comes with a hefty dose of happiness. Think about it; you’ve got the whole bed to yourself, total control over the TV remote, and the freedom to make plans without consulting anyone else. This isn’t about flying solo in a sad way. Nope, it’s about embracing all the perks that come your way when you’re not tied down. So, if you’ve been nodding along to this, you’re in the right headspace. You’re not waiting for someone to complete you because, with Jesus, you’re already complete. This blog will dive into those unmistakable signs that you’re not just okay with being single – you love it. And why not? When you’re rocking the single life, you answer to no one but yourself, and there’s something pretty unique about that freedom. Let’s break down those signs.

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Sign #1: You enjoy your own company

If you like hanging out with yourself and doing things alone, and you don’t feel lonely, that’s a clear sign you’re more than happy being single. You might enjoy reading a book, watching your favorite show, or simply walking alone. Enjoying your own company means you’re comfortable in your skin. You don’t need someone else to fill your time or make you happy. You find joy in your hobbies and interests; they are your best companions. This isn’t about avoiding people but valuing and making the most of your alone time.

Sign #2: You have a rich and fulfilling social life

If you’re someone with a bunch of friends you love spending time with and attending social gatherings, and you never feel the need for a significant other to complete your weekends, you’re nailing single life. It’s a clear sign you’re more than happy being single. You value deep connections with friends, family, and church, and your social calendar is always buzzing with plans. You’re confident in stepping out alone or with your crew, experiencing life to the fullest without feeling the void many associate with singlehood. Your fulfillment comes from the quality time spent with people who matter, not from relationship status. This means you’ve built a life rich in experiences and memories, with or without a partner.

Sign #3: You’re focused on personal growth

When you’re into being more like Jesus and self-improvement than looking for someone to fill a gap, that’s a sign you’re happy flying solo. Being focused on personal growth means setting goals that are all about you – like hitting a new personal record at the gym, daily time with the Lord, or finally starting that side project you’ve been dreaming about. It’s not about shutting people out; it’s about tuning into what makes you tick and going after it with everything you’ve got. This level of self-commitment shows you’re not waiting for someone else to complete you. Instead, you’re working on becoming the best version of yourself by yourself.

Sign #4: You don’t feel pressured to date

You’re really comfortable in your own skin and the idea of jumping into dating just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t bother you one bit. You know those moments, right? When friends or family start hinting, it’s time to find someone. For you, that’s just background noise. Instead of feeling that societal squeeze to couple up, you relish making your own choices on your timeline. It’s not about defiance; it’s about knowing yourself and what makes you tick. You don’t see being single as a problem that needs fixing. This sense of freedom and self-assurance means you’re more than okay riding solo.

Sign #5: You’re financially independent and secure

If you find yourself nodding in agreement to this, it’s a huge sign you’re sailing smoothly in your solo journey. Being financially independent and secure means you’re not scouting for a partner to fill any monetary gaps. You handle your bills, savings, and splurges without a second thought. You’ve got a budget, and you stick to it. This independence isn’t just about being able to afford the fancy latte or the solo trip abroad; it’s about the peace and satisfaction of knowing you’re self-sufficient and everything belongs to the Lord. You don’t rely on someone else’s paycheck to dream or make plans. Whether saving for a rainy day, investing in stocks, or managing day-to-day expenses, you’re the captain of your ship. This sense of financial freedom is empowering and is a clear indicator that you’re not just okay with being single, but you’re thriving in it.

Sign #6: You have clear life goals and aspirations

If you’ve got life goals and dreams and you’re chasing them without needing someone to tag along, you’re more than happy being single. This means you’re focused on your path, whether climbing the career ladder, pursuing your passions or traveling the world. You understand that being in a relationship can sometimes change these pursuits, not because relationships are bad, but because they require time and compromise. Your happiness and satisfaction come from achieving what you’ve set out for yourself. This is a vital sign that you’re not just okay with being single; you thrive in it.

Sign #7: You find happiness in your freedom and decisions

Living solo and loving it? If you beam at the thought of coming home to an agenda that’s all yours, you’ve hit sign number seven. Here’s the crux of it: finding joy in your freedom and choices spells out a big, bold love for the single life. This means your gut lights up at making decisions without a second opinion. Want to binge-watch a series without a debate on what to watch? Or pick up a new hobby on a whim. You could serve on a mission in your community at a moment’s notice. That’s the kind of freedom talking. When your happiness bubbles up from choosing what’s for dinner or plotting your next solo adventure, you’re not just okay with being single—you’re relishing it. This isn’t about shunning love or companionship; instead, it’s about embracing your current state and squeezing every bit of joy from it. If your sense of peace and satisfaction comes from steering your ship, congratulations. You’re experiencing true contentment in your independence, and that’s a sign worth celebrating.

The benefits of being happily single

Being happily single isn’t just about avoiding relationship drama. It’s got a bunch of perks that often go unnoticed. For starters, you have more time to focus on your relationship with the Lord and personal. This means diving deep into hobbies, adopting new skills, and breaking personal barriers for the Kingdom. Your wallet might thank you, too. Without the pressure of date nights, anniversary gifts, and romantic getaways, you can save or spend on things that bring you joy. Health benefits? Yep, those too. Singles often find more time to stay active and maintain a social life with friends, which is key to mental well-being. Plus, you’re the master of your own space—no debates over what to eat for dinner or what movie to watch. Lastly, being content with being single paves the way to a healthier future relationship. Knowing you’re good on your means, you’re less likely to settle for less than you deserve.

Conclusion: The importance of self-love and satisfaction

Recognizing these 7 signs means you’ve found the sweet spot of self-love and satisfaction. It’s not about shunning relationships but embracing the freedom and peace that come with being content in your own company. This state of mind isn’t a permanent checkout from the dating world but a healthy pause where you focus on yourself. It’s crucial to remember that being happy alone isn’t a sign of weakness but strength. It means you’re not waiting for someone else to fill your cup; you’re doing it yourself. And that, folks, is both empowering and liberating. Use this time to explore your interests, set personal goals, and nurture your well-being. Being happy being single isn’t the end game but a positive phase where self-love and satisfaction are your main companions.

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