We had a single adult write us the other day and tell us our blogs and overtones seem to be written towards those who are choosing to be single. This person is in their 50’s and bluntly said, they did NOT choose to be single this late in life, it just happened. The years flew by with lots of adventures and time with family, and before they knew it it had been 50 years and they only had a few dates and relationships to show for it.

This single in this situation did not plan to be single. Some singles are bitter from the years of being alone, while others are saddened by never starting a family of their own and the time for that has passed. We like to think the majority, however, is comprised of singles full of life. And, while they may not have planned this path, they have lived it and can reflect on a full life. A full life is not defined by a wedding and poopy diapers.

A full life is one lived honoring God and living for the day when God may say “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

You may not have planned to be single, but God planned for you to be single.  This path you took was not one that missed the mark, but was a different mark than the world defines just like the apostle Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 7.  Keep living life.  You are complete in Christ!


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  1. I saw this post on Facebook and thought to read the whole article, as I felt sad for the person who wrote in.

    “You may not have planned to be single but God planned for you to be single” I know this is just one article out of dozens but I thought to add that people can be single for many reasons that aren’t part of God’s plan. 1) They don’t go outside their comfort zone and meet new people. God is a miracle worker but Ms right isn’t going to just show up in your kitchen. It takes a concrete plan of action to meet folks outside of your zip code – and doing it consistently. 2) They could have personality or other hangups that make it difficult for them to find a mate. Hangups they need to work through. It could be their issue with a bad temper or distrust that turns people away. 3) They have a specific Mr. or Ms Right in their minds and are looking for that exact match. I’ve seen it happen time and again, where Miss Y was looking for Mr. Z a 6’4 adventurer and when she expanded her horizons and said “Lord who have YOU chosen for me?” -they ended up with a 5’5 librarian – and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 4) They’ve given up, they think it’s too late and don’t even try. I’ve seen responses like this on Facebook, “well it’s too late now”. Is God saying that or are you, just because the timing is differently then you planned. A confident attitude, a bright smile and of course the light of Christ shining through is attracting and I don’t mean physical. It’s much better than a depressed, “my time is over “attitude. Because if they feel it’s over, everyone will think so to. Don’t give up!
    I always suggest the person ask the Lord to show them any areas they can improve in order get them ready for that future person that he has for them. If indeed that is God’s plan. If it’s not God’s plan, ask the Lord to help with those emotions. God is not insensitive to the disappointment or hurt people feel like this man, Having fellowship with the Lord, as well as asking for direction can renew even the most disappointed hearts once again. Be encouraged Singles!

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