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Am I Still Single Because I’m Fat?

Over 34% of Americans are overweight according to a recent Gallup Poll. Singles who are overweight might ask themselves these questions often:

Am I still single because I am overweight?

In a men’s Bible study a group of single guys sit together and share about struggles in their life. The conversation may start with small issues, like trying to pray more and do better with finances. Then a bombshell drops. The quiet guy in the group who has not spoke much for the last three weeks says he has thought several times of killing himself because he is so large no one will ever date him. With tears in his eyes he goes on to describe ridicule over the years from “pretty” people and being bullied in high school. He ends his emotional prayer request with a simple statement. “Can the group please pray a girl will find me attractive?”

Be Complete In Christ, nothing else.

God wants you just as you are. There are no requirements to accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior, except acknowledging you are a sinner and that you need Him. Accepting Christ makes you complete. Not a physical appearance or a relationship, only Christ.

Media and society push through advertisements, news and even shows that those who find an earthly view of success and have happy relationships are often the “beautiful people.” Buying into this lie only elevates an expectation in life that can never truly be met.

God already thinks you are beautiful. He said so when He created man in Genesis.

You are single because it is His will.

As a Christ follower you allow God to direct your path in the directions you may go. Luke 22:42 urges us to let His will be done and not our own. Staying on His path for your life may lead you to be single forever or for a season. Either way, follow His will. And while not the focus on this blog, that will is for you to be a steward of your body and treat is as a Holy Temple. God wants you to pursue a healthy lifestyle, including physical health, to honor Him and the temple He gave you, not simply to attract a mate.

Quickly after the above mentioned single pleaded his prayer request, a guy in the group who worked out the most often and could easily say he was in good shape expressed his thoughts on the situation.

“Bro. if good looks and working out was all it took to find a women, would I be in this group still?” His comments, while breaking the tension in the air, were well taken.

Outward beauty is not the key to finding a spouse. God is.

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