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I Got This

Singles love going to eat with other people and being social. The other part of being single is that your budget only has one income and eating out often can get expensive. Most singles run into this problem and have to cut back on eating out, or keep it under control at the least. But, there is something about going to lunch with someone else that helps us bond with one another and allows walls to come down. Jesus broke bread with His disciples and used that time to teach and connect with them, so it is no surprise we do the same.

But, when was the last time was you purchased someone else’s lunch? Have you recently said to your lunch partner “I got this” and purchased their meal? A meal may cost $8-$10 but your action was not a monetary one, it was one that demonstrated an act of love and selflessness. Still doubtful? Give someone a $10 bill and watch their reaction. They may say “thank you” and then move on without even keeping up with how that $10 was spent. But, purchase that same person a meal for lunch with that $10 and they immediately are grateful and remember your generosity. Your intentional act of giving will hopefully bring glory to God. Be discerning in how you bless someone with buying their meal and always be discreet. Be a cheerful giver and learn through your act of kindness how to serve and bless others everyday.

Now, we can hear those of you saying you don’t have enough money to buy someone’s meal. Start small with your acts of generosity and start budgeting funds to be able to do so. Soon you will be a cheerful giver that is demonstrating the love of Christ with others. Go ahead, try it. Not all results will be gratifying, but if you continue to bless others, you too will be blessed by your giving. Don’t let the mindset of being single on one income keep you from telling your lunch partner, “I got this.”

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