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Single Christian or Christian Single?

Which is more prevalent in your life? Being single or being a Christian? Well, if we are giving the correct “churchy” answer, we would say being a Christian, but many times, truth be told, it is more about being single. Our world is more focused on marriage, families, and even civil unions. Single is seen as either very lonely with lots of cats, in a state of waiting with your life on hold for your spouse to come along, or living a wild, party life.

However, the world has a skewed view. The reality is that many of us don’t fit any of those categories. Many of us are great people who are enjoying life, friends & family, our jobs and the ministries we are involved in with our church and community. Some days we are focused on our singleness and some days we are more focused on who we are in Christ. Guess what? Married people have that same struggle of having their identity being wrapped up in being married vs. their identity being in Christ.

Single or married, our identity should be in who we are in Christ. God doesn’t love you more if you are single or if you are married. He loves you incredibly more than we can even imagine. From John 10:10 we learn that Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. What a gift to us! Are you living your life abundantly or are you just surviving another day as a single waiting to see if love will ever come along? It is time to get up and enjoy life and do the things that God has for you – things that will bless you and bring honor and glory to Him.

Most of the problems you have as a single will still be there when you are married or they will be replaced with different issues that come with marriage. The answer for all struggles is in your relationship with Christ. As a Christian, do you believe that God truly has your best interests at heart? I do. Sometimes God doesn’t always do what I thought he would, yet I know he does what is best for me and will bless me. If where you are in life brings you down, do a gut-check to see where your focus is. Are you focused on you or unconditionally on God? I say “unconditionally” because we need to be honest with ourselves. To focus on God with conditions about what we want, is really just to be focused on ourselves.

When you start falling into that pattern of worry and despair about where you are in life, immediately stop allowing yourself to go down that road. Instead, replace it with seeking God and thinking on the many ways he has blessed you – doing that will change your life.

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