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Single Struggles: Shopping Alone

One single adult told us that they struggled with shopping alone. While some purchases may not be as big a deal on your own, certainly there are times when we all need a wingman or wingwoman for support. When you are single, shopping alone will happen, but if you plan your time you will be able to find a person to shop with you. This is where having a strong social network of friends as a single adult is important.

Church is a great environment to meet other people and build a social network of friends to go to when shopping for life decisions. Next time when you have car trouble, need to make a big purchase, or just meet the cable guy at your house, call a friend and share in the shopping experiences with them. Do not let the pride of being self sufficient keep you from the opportunity to bless others with social interaction.

So go shopping alone from time to time. Sometimes it’s best to find out that the pants that used to fit and now do not when you are alone! But also be humble enough to ask for a second person to go with you when you need it.

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