Single Myths: Every Man Needs a Woman


Men, let’s be real.

On TV we are portrayed as slobs, unable to control our emotions, irrational, and most of all, hopeless without a woman. The “Homer Simpson” man requires a woman that can pick up the pieces when bad decisions are made and run the home.

When did the idea that men have to have a woman become the prevailing thought in America?

At Table for One Ministries, we believe you are complete in Christ. We say it often and say it proudly, because if you are a single man reading this you know at some point it has been said to you, “you need a good woman” or “you need to settle down.”

We would like to argue it’s not a woman that brings maturity, it’s a relationship with Christ. This most important relationship teaches us how to be humble, respectful, forgiving, caring of others’ needs, and how to love on the deepest level. All those things result in maturity that flows out of your relationship with Christ and into all other relationships.

It’s not marriage that makes a man, it is Christ who makes the man whole.

Men, be like Joshua and be bold and courageous doing incredible things for the kingdom. Be like Paul and be a slave to Christ. These men were complete in Christ, not their relationships with women. Be like Jesus.

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