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Being a Witness @ Work

It is hard to share faith in the workplace. For one, many of our employers may discourage that type of conversation and co-workers may not be able to talk while clocked in. Years of retail observation have shown three ways in which you can share your faith as a single adult in the workplace.

1. Your attitude and how you respond to “How is your day going?” Don’t always say it’s perfect, but do try to find the good in every day and share that with others. After All, Christ died on the cross to pay our sins. How is today not a good day for all of us? Psalm 118:24.

2. Through moments of sharing your testimony. Very rarely in the retail world is there more than a few moments to talk with co-workers. But when those moments arise be honest with your story and how God is working in your life.

3. Through knowing your co-workers. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our jobs and forget that as believers we are not working for us, but we are working for the Lord. Knowing our co-workers is vital toward sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Engage your co-workers with a Kingdom mindset to understand where they are coming from and you’ll learn how you can minister to them.

We encourage you as a single adult to be generous with the time you give to know your co-workers. Don’t simply work for a paycheck, but for the Kingdom. If you are given the chance to go to lunch with a co-worker or spend time outside the workplace, do so in an effort to know them better. It will give them the opportunity to see how Christ makes a difference in your life.

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