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Sin Will Make You Stupid

Have you ever heard the phrase “Sin will make you stupid?”  Credit Dr. Danny Akin for that phrase.  It’s true, sin will make people do incredibly ridiculous things knowing they will get caught in the act. Take people who look at things on the internet in a corporate work environment. Not all, but most corporations have a way to track what you see on your screen while you are at work. Knowing that people get caught and fired all the time, people still choose to view those things in the workplace. E-mail is another thing that is easily tracked and leaves behind evidence of what you are communicating with other people. Recent examples include former CIA Director David Petraeus and South Carolina former governor Mark Sanford. Both highly respected people in high ranking positions that let sin make them stupid.

So how do you as a single adult keep sin from sending you down the wrong path and doing something “stupid?” James 1:4-10 tells us to flee from evil and drawn near to the Lord. The Messages says “Quit dabbling in sin and purify your life.” The last verse says to “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.” So do you dabble in sin from time to time not thinking it is a big deal? It’s not the “major sins,” but ones like gossip, white lies, and taking a double look with lust at the person who just passed you by that you keep on hand as a little sin and don’t fully give to God that will make you stupid.

God wants us all to live life and to have it more abundantly. We can do that by cutting out sin where we see it in our lives to keep us above reproach with the Lord. As a single adult you need to surround yourself with people to support you and pray for you on a weekly basis. Be involved in your church organization and find those people that will keep you from making bad or “stupid” choices.

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