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NYE Countdown!

3….2….1…. Happy New Year!

Another year has gone and another one begins. Many singles in your ministry may not want to be alone come the drop of the ball. Starting the year off with friends and fellowship  is a great way to look forward to a brighter new year. What can your ministry do to help singles welcome in the New Year? Here are a few tips.

  1. Have a Party! No booze.
    Get some music, a DJ, an iPod and break out all the dance steps you can stand! Have lots of snacks and start around 8 pm to give plenty of time to bust a move. Don’t, however, have any alcohol or allow anyone to bring any. The idea that alcohol is needed to have a good time cannot be encouraged. If a single adult shows up inebriated to the event, be a bold leader and ask them to leave. Others will benefit from your no-tolerance stance. You may think this will be an issue in your group. Trust us, it can be. Be prepared to respond.
  2. Countdown to the New Year!
    Make sure when midnight comes you can count down together and share in the moment. It’s a great time to be loud and have fun.
  3. Make it a Formal Party.
    Lets face it, after high school the opportunities to dress for a nice party become fewer. Make your party a formal and encourage people to dress up. To share the memories, capture their photos as they enter the room. This is the perfect event for any of your dating singles to have a chance to dance with their partner and for those looking to steal a dance with someone they have interest in.
  4. Plan Early! Like, really early. You need to start telling your group 6 months ahead of time you are having a party. Most people make New Year’s Eve plans early and you want your group to know where and what you are doing so they can invite others. Starting the New Year with old friends and new is a good way to expand the group in a welcoming atmosphere.

About 15 minutes after the ball drops, have a leader say a word of prayer. Share about your ministry and opportunities for new people to get plugged in. Make sure to end your event 45 minutes to an hour after midnight. You want people to get home safely and the earlier the better for New Year’s Day. Have fun and welcome in another year with your singles group!

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