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Am I Still Single Because I Don’t Do the Bar Scene?

Take a look on TV, any show any network. In most every media outlet you are likely to see a stereotype of how singles meet: the bar. It may be a fancy place, or a hole in the wall, but most media are telling singles if they want to meet other singles they need to be in a bar or a club.

At the risk of sounding like we are not “hip,”  we are not anti-fun. Quite the opposite.  At Table for One, we want singles to go have fun with friends, responsibly, and that could result in visiting clubs and bars. Where Christians differ greatly with the rest of the world is knowing these locations are not the only place to find someone.

Likewise, you are not still single because you don’t go clubbing every weekend with your friends. If you are looking for someone to date, you need look where God calls you and where you enjoy life activities. That means you may find your special someone at a baseball game, walking, biking, or at church functions.

Don’t buy into the lie that the bar scene is for singles. Be unique and be who God called you to be and be where He called you to be. If it’s the Lord’s will, you will find the person you seek. But always remember, marriage isn’t the finish line.

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