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Names for a Singles Ministry

Over the year our ministry to singles has had requests to post a list of singles ministry names we found while serving singles and those who lead singles. This list is the names we have experienced with some added suggestions. We would love for you to comment and add your own group names or make suggestions for others as we build a community for single adults through discipleship.

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At Table for One Ministries, we recommend you don’t use fancy names for a singles ministry description. Call a group what people are going to put into google a search for in your community! That name will be the most effective and relational name you can pick. Often the best results are naming a group “Singles 20+” or Singles 20’s & 30’s” But if you want a list, here it is 🙂 Remember, a singles group isn’t about dating or a “singles ministry.” It is about being complete in Christ!

  • Single Focus
  • Single Life
  • The Bridge
  • Solo
  • Single Adults Living Truth (S.A.L.T.)
  • Singularity
  • The Porch (
  • F.O.C.A.S. (Fellowship of Christian Adult Singles)
  • Focus on One
  • Interfaze
  • One For the Lord
  • One is a Whole Number
  • Single and Soaring Singles Ministry
  • Single Life Ministries
  • Table for One
  • Single Purpose
  • Single Vision
  • Singled Out
  • Solo Flight
  • S.W.A.T. (Singles With A Testimony) Team
  • The Edge (Every Day Giving Everything)
  • Victorious Single Living Ministries
  • Flourish
  • “The Well” of ______ Community Church
  • “High Point” Singles Ministry (ages 35+)
  • The Bridge (ages 35-50)
  • The Peak (Ages 45+)
  • Positive Single Adults
  • City Wide Singles
  • Real Life Singles Ministry
  • Singles Alive in Christ
  • Single Life Ministries
  • Singles Source
  • SingleSource (ages 30+)

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One Way To Grow Your Singles Ministry You Missed

Pregnancy centers are commonplace now in our cities and towns. These centers of hope of a life yet to be born have contributed to the steady decline of abortions in the past decade. Churches and evangelicals alike praise their existence, from a distance. The sad reality of pregnancy centers are they lack volunteer and church involvement to see the family in need through all stages of their life, not just a pregnancy.

On a recent trip the leaders of a local pregnancy center told us they desire to connect young mothers and families to the local church. These are Christian brothers and sisters on the front lines of saving lives, yet they feel alone in their battle. The sad irony of our pregnancy center leaders feeling isolated and alone as they reach out to mothers who feel the same should be heart-breaking to any Christ follower. Something has to change and it starts with each one of us. Nearly 40% of all families in our community are single parent families. Does your church reflect that statistic? To see single parent families connected to your church, here are some strategies for empowering our pregnancy centers beyond resources:

Connect with a Pregnancy Center

Not every church has a pregnancy center connection but they should. Establish that connection or find the one your congregation has and reach out to their leaders. While volunteering at the center may be where you feel led, we think everyone should be able to take the next step after connecting with a center.

Develop a Connection Pathway to Your Church

Pregnancy center leaders tell us that the amount of churches willing and committed to connecting these young mothers and families to a church is embarrassing. We simply are not doing enough as a church to empower these leaders with a pathway to a church home for their clients. Your church can distribute information about your congregation, but the most effective method is to go in person, meet the pregnancy center client with their permission, and greet them at your church when they come. We are talking about taking time to hold the hand of family and connect them to your church family, potentially changing changing their family lineage for generations to come.

So You Want to Grow Your Church?

Growth strategies for churches come and go, but the core messaging is the same. To reach people you have to go where people are! They will not come to you, and in our culture that is growing increasingly true as fewer Americans identify with church as a social norm. We propose this method of reaching into the lives of a mother and family in need is not only a Kingdom win, but one that will grow your church numerically as well. It may seem crass, but churches live in the reality of needing to add people to grow or they cease to be relevant. We think starting with pregnancy centers is a place where life change happens; would you want those lives in your church family?

In a generation when parachurch organizations can be very effective in reaching people where they are, churches have nothing to lose in extending an open hand. Worst case, the mother never visits your church but you shared God’s love and were welcoming. Potentially, one conversation and invitation could change generations of lives to follow Christ.

Single for a Reason?


Through my many years of singles ministry and working with pastors, one phrase is repeated often — “single for a reason”. It is the idea that singles are composed of misfits and odd ducks that are stranger than… married people. Next time you hear this phrase, here are some possible responses:


We’re all messed up

  • The false promise of this statement at its core is that it compares married and single adults and deems one group inferior or strange. Would someone not be “single for a reason” simply if his/her marital status changed? It is the same person but with a different marital status and still “odd” or “quirky” in nature. The point is categorizing people as more “together” or “not together” by their marital status should cease. A married adult ministry is filled with the same adults who were once single, and for that reason, we are all the same messed-up Christ followers, in need of the same church family and support.


Reject rejecting language

  • When you’re in the presence of this phrase being used, why just stand back, laugh, and lower your eyes in agreement? Ministry is full of people, each unique, and sometimes just plain odd. That doesn’t mean their relationship status is for any reason other than following God’s direction in their life. Let’s stop language that tears down other believers in Christ as inferior and, instead, see ministry opportunities where we are called to love God and love others.


Leadership matters

  • Is it really a group of people’s fault when a group declines with individuals who may need extra ministry attention? Pastors, we argue it is vital to have leadership that is following your church’s direction and God’s vision for your community. In singles ministry, nearly 50% of the adults in the group will be married at some point, so by nature, it requires more leadership recruitment and investment than other ministries. However, doing so will lead to a vibrant singles ministry and an adult ministry with leaders on fire for the Lord.


The reason you or a group of people are “… for a reason” is not due to a stereotype associated with a marriage status. It is due to a perception we allow to be pervasive in our churches regarding singles. Singles are a whole person. Jesus was single. Paul advocated for singles. We should start valuing our ministry opportunities rather than passing judgment on certain people groups in the family of God.

It’s ok if you’re wrong


Without guidance, people fall, but with many counselors there is deliverance. Proverbs 11:14

What a strange place to be right now for an evangelical. There was a time when the world made sense, when everyone, at least everyone I knew, voted Republican. We voted that way because that was the party that stood for the things we cared about. Things like being pro-life, protecting religious liberty, and promoting conservative values. We could, for the most part, agree upon the issues and the candidate that most reflected our values. There was a unity, or at least a majority, in our voting.

But then came 2016 and Donald Trump and all of that assuredness flew out the window! Actually, for some it may have started prior to Trump. Whenever it started, now things are complicated. Now decisions are messy and, along with it, the unity that we once had appears to be all but gone.

Never-Trump evangelicals accuse Pro-Trump and even Reluctant-Trump evangelicals of being motivated by fear and/or hatred to vote for a man who has no moral bearing. Or being idolaters who would sell out their moral credibility to push for an agenda.

Pro-Trump and Reluctant-Trump Evangelicals accuse Never-Trump evangelicals of acting like Pharisees and demonstrating hypocrisy. They argue that no one is perfect and therefore we have to vote for the platform, and besides the alternative is just too horrible to allow it to happen.

The arguments fly back and forth. Posting article after article, tweet after tweet, position, counter position. And you know what? I think that, for the most part, it’s a good thing as long as we don’t allow it to form a wedge between us. I hope that the watching world can see us an example of brothers with differing opinions. A peculiar people that don’t shrink from disagreements, but a people, who through living in community and sharing opinions, can sharpen one another.

Many people will preach that Christians should always be unified, but throughout history that has rarely been the case. Even the early church encountered disagreements on multiple occasions. The book of Acts records many of these disagreements. The leaders of the early church had a problem with the way the gospel was being spread to the Gentiles. They had some real issues with both Peter and Paul, but they worked it out through listening to each other and addressing each other’s concerns, not by censuring all opposing views. Later Paul would disagree with both Peter and Barnabas but they worked it out each time.

I know that reading opposing views and sparring with my fellow Christians has made me introspective on more than one occasion. We can’t afford to live in a world where there is only one opinion, where all think alike. How will we even know if we are correct in our thinking if no one is there to challenge us?

The culture today cries out for “safe spaces” and cringes at trigger words. We feel insulted and belittled if someone challenges our beliefs or philosophies. But we need to hear a differing view. A “safe space” may separate us from feeling uncomfortable, but it won’t help us grow, it won’t help us to refine our position or our beliefs.

Of course, the most important thing is that we don’t allow our differences to tear us apart, that we don’t take it personally that someone might have a different opinion than us. Instead we should listen to others, consider their position and evaluate it against ours. This process will make us stronger, it will sharpen our minds, it might even cause us to reevaluate or change our thoughts.
Would you rather be delusional in your rightness or actually right? Would you rather argue from a position of strength, having considered all the sides of a position, or just comfortably naive in your positions?

So, let’s state our positions with respect, love, and concern for those who disagree with us. Let’s not resort to name calling and character assassinations. Let’s listen to opposing views with a desire to understand and evaluate, not with a closed mind. It’s the only way we can grow in our perspectives and sharpen our minds.

So listen and state your opinions with honor and respect. And remember, at least we aren’t as wrong as the evangelicals who will vote for Hillary right? 😉

Authority of Scripture and a Game of Telephone

TFO - Table for One Ministries- Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - Authority of Scripture and a Game of Telephone

Sometimes, I like to play a little game with my students.

it’s called “telephone.”

The objective of the game is to transfer the same message from the front of the line to the end of the line. When we are ready to begin, I communicate the message to the first person, and then I let the message go!

Sometimes, when I check with the last person, the message got through…and sometimes… the message failed mid, or quarter-way through.

If I really want the message to transfer, I walk down the line and watch and make sure it passes the inattentive kid, the one who can barely hear, and the one who paraphrases things to the point of distortion. In the case of communication issues based on their tendencies, I repeat the message, louder, slower, repeatedly…by any means necessary.

This is what the Holy Spirit has done for us throughout the ages. He is the One walking from ‘person to person,’ watching over the message AND the transcriber of His message: the apostles, prophets, teachers throughout church history, biblical translations, etc. to make sure his message did not get “lost in translation.”

In the same way that I ensured that my message got through the entire line, the Holy Spirit watches over His message. If I am a human and can do this, How much more can the King of the Universe perform “telephone” in the span of human existence?

Right. Much, much more.

We can trust His message because we can trust the Messenger of all messengers.


Then Philip ran up to the chariot and heard the man reading Isaiah the prophet. “Do you understand what you are reading?” Philip asked. “How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him. – Acts 8:30-31

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. – John 16:3

The World is Not Safe! Man Up! (Why banning Muslims is not a good idea)

TFO - Table for One Ministries- Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - The World is Not Safe! Man Up! (Why banning Muslims is not a good idea)

I get it. I do. We all want to be safe where we sleep, work, shop, and live. We see a threat and we want to eliminate it. We naively believe that if we simply rid ourselves of all perceived threats that we will be safe, or at least be safer. The reality is that the world is not a safe place! It ceased to be safe the moment Eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit and handed it to Adam. Murder and mayhem have ensued ever since Cain struck Able with a rock. We live in a world where evil and good are at war. There have been many horrendous acts of terror throughout history and there will be many more before it is through.

With every shooting – well not every shooting only those the media or politicians feel they can use for their agendas – we witness a call to action. These actions take many forms. We should ban all weapons. We should ban some weapons. We should make it harder to get weapons. We should beef up our monitoring of phone calls and social media. The latest, and perhaps the most audacious: we should ban all Muslims from entering the US, monitor or shut down their places of worship, and develop a nation wide database of all Muslims in our country.

Some of these have merit, some are simply unattainable and therefore unrealistic, and some of these are absolutely ridiculous and completely dangerous to the American way of life and Christianity.

I, and many others, would argue that actions targeting Muslims falls into the latter category. On the surface it would appear to make sense that we target Muslims. It is radical Islamic teachings that inspire jihadists to take up arms and commit despicable acts of evil in the name of their god. And these are not just isolated incidents committed by a few lunatics. I will admit that it is pretty widespread throughout the world.

However when we allow the targeting of a specific religion in the US and begin to infringe upon their religious liberties, liberties granted Muslims in the same constitution that grants Christians those same liberties, we open the door to losing our own freedoms. We corrupt the very principles our great nation was found upon.

If you don’t understand how this could happen, then you are either living under the false assumption that the world around you likes Christianity or you are living out a such a milquetoast version of Christianity that no one finds it offensive.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but the argument that you would make to justify stripping away the Muslim’s religious liberties is that your right to live in relative safety far outweighs a Muslim’s right to practice his or her religion. That is to say, the teachings of Islam are contrary to the American way of life and therefore it is a justifiable action to shut them down or at least monitor and control what they are teaching to make sure they don’t infringe upon your rights or safety.
Perhaps you have already followed the trail in your head, but in case you are still so incensed and angered over the latest shooting that you can’t see the future, let me spell it out for you. These are the very same arguments that the LGBT community has been saying about Christianity. Or, for that matter, even Planned Parenthood made the same argument that Christian teaching and the actions of those who are pro-life caused the lunatic in Colorado to walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and open fire.

If you want to help make that argument for the Left, then go ahead but don’t be so naïve to believe it wont come back to haunt you. Christians should always stand for religious freedom and liberty. Because when we allow our country to become selective in it’s application, we cut our own throats. But then again, perhaps you are too busy running scared or angry to see the truth. If that’s the case, man up!

What is the Answer?

Listen to me, we live in a dangerous world. We won’t be truly safe until the Lord returns and restores order. I understand that you want to live in relative safety, I do, but let’s be smart about how we seek that safety. Let’s not overreact in fear, or anger. Neither is an option for the Christian. Let us be smart in our actions, not reacting but being proactive. So what can we do?

First, live out your faith, really live it out! Share with your family, friends, and co-workers about the love of a redemptive Father; the radical love of our God, so radical that he would send his son on a rescue mission to save all who would believe. But don’t stop at talking about love; show it by how you live. Look out for the poor, orphaned and widowed. Look around you there is someone in need close by. Put more into caring for others than you do for yourself. Pray for your enemies and seek to do good.

Second, prepare yourself for the inevitable confrontation with evil. I assure you It will come whether we ban all Muslims from our country or not. It wasn’t a Muslims who opened fire on a school in Colorado, or a church in Texas, or Movie Theater, or a college in Virginia and the list goes on and on.

So actively prepare yourself to defend your loved ones and other peaceful citizens from those who would seek to do us physical harm. Be watchful and alert. If you are trained, carry a weapon and visit your local gun range on a regular basis to stay sharp. I believe that the our government should establish a program whereby veterans who are willing, can receive training and be equipped to defend others in the event of a mass shooting or other act of terror. We train rebels and equip foreign rebels, why not our own citizens.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are 5.2 million veterans who have served in the Gulf War era. This is the demographic that I fit into. These are citizens who have already received some training with firearms from the government and have already demonstrated the willingness to defend our nation and it’s citizens. I say, arm and train us on how to react in the event of a mass shooting or other terrorist event. Give us access to shooting ranges, weapons and ammunition so that we can stay sharp.

Above all accept the fact that we do not live in a safe place, we never have, so man up! Refuse to give into fear, anger, hatred or the desire to seek revenge. Live each day with uninhibited love for your fellow man and with the reality that you may be called upon to give your life in the defense of another, either figuratively or literally.

– James Brown

Cautious Compassion: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

TFO - Table for One Ministries- Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - Cautious Compassion- The Syrian Refugee Crisis

He we are again. Caught in the middle of a raging debate that has quickly divided and then devolved into name calling and demonizing our opponents. On one side you have the zealots who are calling for a complete shutting down of our borders to keep out the crazies insisting that ISIS is hiding thousands of jihadist amongst the refugees bent on our destruction. On the other side you have calls for throwing open the doors in the name of Jesus and letting everyone stream in without regards to a responsibility for the personal safety of those we are called to protect. They try desperately to paint all refugees as widows and orphans driven from their homeland. And if you disagree with either side you are either and ignorant US-hating liberal or a people-hating bigot.

If ever there was a need for a middle ground this is it. And I believe this is where we would find our Christian faith. To be fair, I think that despite what we hear from either side, this is where most of us would fall. We need to find a way to show and demonstrate compassion for the hurting and displaced, not just because we are called to love everyone, but also because the US bears a huge responsibility for creating the refugee crisis in the first place. But this post is not about that.

We need to come together and find a way to aid refugees that includes allowing them to come to the US, but also looks for ways to help them stay in their home land. This is where they grew up and where they will feel most comfortable and at home. I believe that the US needs to be more aggressive in defeating ISIS so that there is no need for these poor people to leave theirs homes.
I realize that the US is a great place to live, and I am thankful to God that I live here, but I don’t believe that many people really want to leave everything they have and everything they are used to, journey tens of thousands of miles to travel to a foreign land with strange customs, where they will be looked upon with suspicion just because there is a Starbucks on every corner. If we believe that, we truly are an arrogant people.

That being said, we must show compassion and love for a people being driven from their homes. We must be a part of making sure they are cared for and given provision until we can make their homeland safe again. However, we should strive to do it in a way that sets up common sense protections for the people living in the US. We know that ISIS was successful in sending fighters to France. We can’t and shouldn’t deny that, but we also must not be ruled by fear or crippled by the complexity of the task before us. We must act, and we must act quickly. In order to find a solution, we need to come together. Stop the name-calling and senseless divisive rhetoric.

How Does Your Church Greet Singles?

TFO - Table for One Ministries- Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - How Does Your Church Greet Singles-

Greeters across the country will wake up Sunday to serve at thousands of church doors across America. Do they realize nearly 40% of people who walk in their doors will be single adults? True, not every church has the nationwide average, but when singles attend your church how do volunteers respond?

Here are some common responses:

We have a college and career class

While the size of a church may limit the options, a college class is often not the place to send working single adults. Approximately 25% of singles who start college will graduate. Lumping 20-something singles into a college group will offend and deter the other 75%. Every person is different and needs options at your church to be connected.

We have a young adults class

The nice door greeter who assumes the guest is in their 20s instead of asking, usually takes them to a young adults class. But these classes are typically married adults with a few singles who never found a place to fit in. No matter how many ways it is tried, this group mix often fails to reach one or the other, single or married adults.

We have lots of singles in our choir

True, lots of singles may be in your choir. The reason this is common? Singles can’t find a place to connect so they go where a married status is not an issue to avoid the awkwardness. Of course it could be due to their love of choir and need to serve but some can find it to be a hiding place as well.

I am not sure, let me ask a minister/leader who may know

As your leaders and ministers have a plan to put more singles in a specific class to grow a singles ministry, make sure your greeters know that information. When greeters do not know how to respond, the leaders become aware of how many singles visit. Hopefully, the leaders will think about offering a class geared towards these individuals.

Leaders must teach greeters how to respond to singles when they enter the doors. Equipping volunteers with information will encourage the single adult to return, and hopefully become involved. Singles, if your church doesn’t have a singles class or ministry, ask your leaders if you can start one.

Singles are searching for churches where they can connect…is your church ready for them? Your church does not have to have a paid staffer that works with singles to reach singles, it simply needs a plan of action to connect singles and share that plan with volunteers.

Assuming About Single Parents

TFO - Table for One Ministries- Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - Assuming About Single Parents

Too often we assume. When we see single parents there is an assumption that premarital sex probably occurred and that the other person is long gone abandoning their children. There is also an assumption that single parents almost always come as mothers, not as fathers. Finally there is an assumption they can not do it alone and the phrase “I don’t know how you do it” always seems to slip out.

We would like to interject into this conversation the idea that most single parents did not plan to be such. Things happen. One night stands, a moment of passion prior to marriage, a spouse cheats on the other and leaves, a spouse passes away, or a spouse just stops loving and walks away from their commitment. Once these and more things happen a person finds themselves a parent raising a child alone.

Enter Singles Ministry. Your singles ministry, as well as the rest of the church family, should become a part of their family network that may be missing from the lives of these kids and parents. Single parents may choose to remarry or date, but often that becomes secondary to their children and ensuring they get everything they need. A singles ministry can not fill the void entirely, but it can build relationships that support and encourage single parents. This is why single parents need to be around other singles and not just other single parents. They need the support of a group, which they can not get when they are isolated.

Singles: single parents are single, too. They need to be a part of your life and you need to be actively engaging them in your local church. If we believe as singles that we are complete in Christ, all the more reason to remind single parents they are complete and not an unfixable family unit.

NYE Countdown!

TFO - Table for One Ministries- Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - NYE Countdown

3….2….1…. Happy New Year!

Another year has gone and another one begins. Many singles in your ministry may not want to be alone come the drop of the ball. Starting the year off with friends and fellowship  is a great way to look forward to a brighter new year. What can your ministry do to help singles welcome in the New Year? Here are a few tips.

  1. Have a Party! No booze.
    Get some music, a DJ, an iPod and break out all the dance steps you can stand! Have lots of snacks and start around 8 pm to give plenty of time to bust a move. Don’t, however, have any alcohol or allow anyone to bring any. The idea that alcohol is needed to have a good time cannot be encouraged. If a single adult shows up inebriated to the event, be a bold leader and ask them to leave. Others will benefit from your no-tolerance stance. You may think this will be an issue in your group. Trust us, it can be. Be prepared to respond.
  2. Countdown to the New Year!
    Make sure when midnight comes you can count down together and share in the moment. It’s a great time to be loud and have fun.
  3. Make it a Formal Party.
    Lets face it, after high school the opportunities to dress for a nice party become fewer. Make your party a formal and encourage people to dress up. To share the memories, capture their photos as they enter the room. This is the perfect event for any of your dating singles to have a chance to dance with their partner and for those looking to steal a dance with someone they have interest in.
  4. Plan Early! Like, really early. You need to start telling your group 6 months ahead of time you are having a party. Most people make New Year’s Eve plans early and you want your group to know where and what you are doing so they can invite others. Starting the New Year with old friends and new is a good way to expand the group in a welcoming atmosphere.

About 15 minutes after the ball drops, have a leader say a word of prayer. Share about your ministry and opportunities for new people to get plugged in. Make sure to end your event 45 minutes to an hour after midnight. You want people to get home safely and the earlier the better for New Year’s Day. Have fun and welcome in another year with your singles group!