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You Don’t Deserve my Forgiveness

I forgive you. Three words that people fight to say all the time. It could be pride, jealousy, or even anger that causes us not to want to offer forgiveness

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Being Dad Through Divorce

Divorce is ugly.   Talk to anyone who is going through or has survived a divorced and unanimously they will say, even in the best of circumstances, divorce is hard.

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Leaders to Singles
Father to the Fatherless

At Table for One, we acknowledge that the children of a single parent often experience a feeling of emptiness for a missing parent. This void is a direct result of

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Racism and Dating

Let’s talk about it. Dating inside or outside of your native race can be a big deal. Regardless of skin color, dating a person of a different nationality or ethnicity

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Leaders to Singles
Singles Lose at Christmas

Where will your family celebrate Christmas this year? As the days zoom past before Christmas, families across the country start discussing where Christmas will take place. For some, this is

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Leaders to Singles
Single and Considering an Abortion

The world tells us you that as a single you cannot raise a child alone. Regardless of the life in you, your life and priorities come first. After all, how

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Single Parents
Single Parent=Exhausted Parent

Unless you have been there, it is really hard to understand. Single parents struggle with so many challenges. Your kids can be sweet, and then sometimes, they can be little

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