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Table for One Ministries - Be a Single Friendly Church 8 Types of Singles in America - Blog 16x9 no text
Leaders to Singles
Be A Single-Friendly Church: Engaging All Types of Singles

Being a single friendly church is more than a program or a ministry. It is embracing all types of singles and identifying their unique life stage and ways to engage them. Whether you are a lay leader or church staff member, all of us can help our churches SEE singles so we can reach singles.

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Table for One Ministries - Navigating the High Cost of Singleness in the U.S. A Journey Towards Financial Independence and Completeness in Christ - Blog 16x9 - Blank
Leaders to Singles
Navigating Singles Tax and the High Cost of Singleness in the US

One of the most significant financial hurdles for singles is the lack of shared expenses. Unlike couples who can split the cost of living, singles bear the full brunt of rent, utilities, groceries, and other daily expenses. This disparity can make everyday living more costly for those navigating life independently. Consider this when planning events as a church may choose to supplement the cost of community gatherings for singles to help them thrive in community.

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Table for One Ministries - Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - 3 Things to Remember for Singles at Friendsgiving - Blog 16x9 blank
3 Things to Remember for Singles at Friendsgiving

For singles, their Friendsgiving may be the only holiday gathering they attend or invite others to. Singles are now 53% of the adult population in America. When we use the term family at the holidays, we often negate single-parent families that comprise over 40% of all families in America. If you want an intentional Friendsgiving this year, here are some things to remember so everyone is invited and welcomed!

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Table for One Ministries - Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - 8 Types of Singles - Blog 16x9 No Text
Leaders to Singles
Who Are Singles? 8 Types of Singles in Your Community

Singles are unique. To understand singles, you first have to see them. Singles come from many backgrounds; most would even prefer not to use the word single to describe themselves. There are 8 types of single adults in America, and defining them is the first step in seeing them.

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Single Parents
Single Parent=Exhausted Parent

Unless you have been there, it is really hard to understand. Single parents struggle with so many challenges. Your kids can be sweet, and then sometimes, they can be little terrors. You love them with all your heart and would die for them if called to, but there are also times when you might just give them away if only for a moment’s peace. Your average day consists of waking early to get yourself ready

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Freedom in Confession

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16 Confession is an interesting thing. Until you have confessed with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, you can not be saved, Romans 10:9. So clearly if it is important enough that you confess that Christ is Lord to know Him, then what about our

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