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Looking for the perfect date?

As kids growing up we have a simple view of the way things should be in life. Money should be easy to come by, we will have big houses like we see on TV, and people get married to Mr. or Miss Perfect. There is only one problem with this, no one is perfect but Christ, Isaiah 6:3. Life is also full of sin, trials, tribulations, and hardships. We are all sinners and make mistakes and seem to make more of them the older we get, Romans 3:23.

You find yourself as a single adult, unmarried and looking for someone out there like you, “a good Christian.” So you set your bar high, you don’t look for anyone with kids already or a divorcee. You want someone to be a virgin and preferably a college degree with no financial burdens. You even have some physical preferences that only a small percentage of people will fall into, but it’s ok to want these things because you are Mr. or Miss Perfect. Wrong.

When you truly turn the mirror on yourself, you will find a person full of sin and unable to pass most of the tests you hold as a standard for others. You have sin in your past that not many people know and you try to forget about, but it is there. The reason you don’t think about it is because Christ died once for all sinners and sins, 1 Peter 3:18. So you are covered by grace and forgiveness of your sins. If you have been forgiven of those sins and yet you still judge others for their mistakes, you have created a double standard when looking for the perfect date.

Single adults, you need to pray to God for guidance of who to marry and follow His path to a person He chooses for you. Follow God’s choice for you if and when you choose to date. Set aside all your presuppositions of what you are looking for in a mate, and ask God who you should date.

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