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Single Myths: Every Lady Needs a Man

Ladies, let’s be real.

Women on TV are often portrayed as going from one man to another, trying to find completeness in a partner–emotionally, sexually, and sometimes, spiritually.

The idea prevails that women need another person to be complete even if he is just a very close friend. Even strong, independent types seek someone to complete them. With all the improvements of women’s right and equality, our nation still finds a 30-year-old woman to be flawed if she is still single. It is one reason the average age for brides is consistently lower by a year or more than the groom.

At Table for One Ministries, we believe you are complete in Christ. We say it often because it’s the foundation for how we view relationships. Your relationship with Christ builds a respectful, loving, caring, and trusting attitude needed for all other relationships. We argue it’s not the man who makes the woman, but the woman who grows in Christ that makes her into a Proverbs 31 woman of faith.

Women, be like Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon, go on mission for the Kingdom no matter the cost. Be like Mary, who may have been a single mother but raised a family that honored God and cared for our Savior. Be like Martha, who cried out to Jesus for help when Lazarus died but had faith Christ would bring him back to life.

Be bold for the kingdom as a woman. If your path brings you into a relationship with a man, your close relationship with Christ will be the foundation of knowing true love and give you the ability to be the best possible spouse.

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