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S.A.D. Day




Sure, some of you may call it Valentine’s Day. But in the singles ministry world, there is never a time of the year that makes your singleness more glaring than February 14th.

The retail world loves to pump up its importance, and there always seems to be a sappy love movie that comes out every year near this date that helps make things worse. Some of your singles may be looking and hoping for a spouse and others may not be looking at all. Regardless of where they are at, here is our suggestion for this time of the year.

We have seen SAD February 14th parties where singles gather and fellowship in support for one another. Don’t do it. You think this would work, but it normally doesn’t. Most of the time they are awkward for everyone and makes it all feel worse. Instead, take the focus away from single adults and the selfishness of not having someone and direct it towards serving others.

Have your singles ministry serve others leading up to February 14th. This can be a community project, hosting a couples event for senior adults, offering a parents’ night out to those who want to babysit, or any idea that take the focus away from inward focus. Whatever the event, make Valentine’s Day about serving others. Your singles ministry will be blessed for doing so. Instead of talking about not having anyone as a date, they can share about how they served others.

Some singles are more sensitive this time of the year and it varies vary depending on how long they’ve been single or what type of single they are. A divorced single may have to deal with the pain of not having someone this year for Valentine’s Day or a widow may be experiencing grief for the first time. Be aware of these background differences and be sensitive to how you lead and what you say regarding Valentine’s Day.

Acknowledge V-Day, but keep your focus on serving and honoring God.

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