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Halloween NOT Harvest

Singles ministry leaders, listen up. We are going to share one of the best-kept secrets in singles ministry for FREE. Here it is. Do events that singles want to do, but in a controlled Christ-honoring environment where the love of God is shown. Yes, it is that simple. When it comes to Halloween however, many churches run as far away as possible to be associated with celebrating its existence. But, singles want to gather and be around others at celebrations, holidays, and any occasion that couples or families may choose to gather.

So, here are some tips to help you make Halloween NOT just a Harvest party!

  1. Dress up!
    1. Nothing is wrong with costumes that are tasteful and creative. It also does not have to be expensive, the best costumes are often home made and funny.
  2. Carve Pumpkins!
    1. It’s a fruit! Nothing makes carving fruit evil or satanic, yet many people have never carved a pumpkin in their lives. Buy a bunch of pumpkins and watch your single group laugh, engage one another, and have fun.
  3. Play Halloween Music
    1. Yes, we mean Thriller. Michael Jackson left us one of the best songs to dance to at Halloween and you can have so much fun getting your group to dance. Teach the moves and have a few “ringers” to help everyone learn.
  4. Have Contests with Rewards
    1. Have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for costumes, dance moves, and pumpkin carvings. Gift cards work best and set-up the categories prior to the event so people can choose which prize to go for. Let everyone vote and have fun.
  5. Christ Honoring Environment at Halloween
    1. Keep your costumes modest and focus on creativity not shock factor.
    2. Make decorations more fall and pumpkin themed.
    3. Make a category for the pumpkin carving contest “Christian” themed, you will be surprised at how creative people can be.
    4. Be bold in why your event is different than other Halloween parties. Explain the Christian themed pumpkins and share the Gospel doing so!

Halloween is also a great time for singles to serve with their local church or community on Halloween night. You can get involved with a church sponsored Trunk or Treat or whatever event your church does to connect with the community on Halloween night. So be sure to plan your halloween party a weekend before October 31st. Your singles will be talking about this event for years to come and telling their coworkers and friends about how much fun they had at the event.
Also be sure to take a moment and let your group know during the event you are with ___ church and invite them to a specific small group time where they can get connected to your ministry. Many singles will bring guests to this type of event because they are single too and are looking for somewhere to share in on the ghoulish fun. This event is a win for reaching new singles, a win for your ministry, and a win for the church getting involved in the community.

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