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Single families come about through the following ways: Single mother/father by divorce, single mother/father by being widowed, single mother/father by child out of wedlock, and single mother/father by adoption. The local church needs to be equipped to address these areas of being a single parent family without assuming or grouping all of them together.

As a single parent, you may have one or more children. You may or may not receive child support. You either have full, joint, partial, or no custody of your children. Whatever the circumstance you are a single parent, we at Table for One Ministries want to support you as a parent and as a single adult.

We recognize that not all single parents feel as if they are single. Many choose to associate with parents of their children’s friends. While this is acceptable, we believe single parents are single and can find great encouragement with other single adults in their community. Children of single parents are also at a greater risk for abuse so a strong support system is even more vital than a nuclear family. Single parents of different ages react differently to the idea of dating, but as long as your relationship with God is guiding your path you will know if dating is right for you during this season of your life.

40% of all Parents are Single Parents

Percentage of opposite-sex, unmarried-partner households in 2011 that included at least one biological child of either partner.

Source: Source: America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2011

Number of unmarried parents living with their children in 2011. Of these, 10.0 million were unmarried mothers and 1.7 million were unmarried fathers, and 1.9 million were unmarried couples with at least one shared child.

Source: America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2011


Number of unmarried grandparents who were caregivers for their grandchildren in 2010. They comprised about three in 10 grandparents who were responsible for their grandchildren.

Source: 2006-2010 American Community Survey


Percentage of women age 15 to 50 with a birth in the last 12 months, as of 2010, who were widowed, divorced or never married.

Source: 2010 American Community Survey

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At Table for One Ministries we are comprised of seminary professors, ministers, doctoral students, and lay leaders passionate about reaching singles. We also have done ministry for decades and know that even the most seasoned of leaders can use a helping hand sometimes. Our Ministry wants to help you get the tools you need to reach singles in your area. We offer that in the following ways:

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