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The New Single Majority

In 2014 the Bureau of Labor and Statistics released information stating for the first time in the history of collecting their data, singles outnumbered married adults in the workforce. More than half of the workforce is single! While many news agencies ran with this data the wrong way saying that “adults” are more single than they are married, we at Table for One would like to interpret this data correctly for what it is. These

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TFO - Table for One Ministries- Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - Work-Life Balance as a Single Adult without Children
Work/Life Balance as a Single Adult without Children

It’s 4:45 PM and another workday is coming to a close.  Or at least it appears that the workday is about to end until your boss calls you and Bill into his office. There is an important meeting with a potential customer the next morning and he needs one of you to stay late to help put together the presentation.  Bill is married with a family and quickly explains that he needs to go to

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