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Single Struggles: Seeing Happy Couples

There they go walking in front of you again. Mr. and Mrs. Perfect with their awesome married life. I bet they have a kid on the way! Wait, there is another young couple walking the opposite way holding hands and clearly in puppy love. Uh, it’s time to leave the mall because just when you had seen enough there is an elderly couple that looks like the were on the movie “UP” sharing ice cream at the food court. By now you are wondering if you are the only person who just doesn’t always want to see happy couples all the time!

As a single adult, seeing “happy” couples can sometimes set you back for a moment, even longer depending on your desire to be with someone else. Remember that if you have made a decision to follow Christ you are complete in Him and nothing else. No relationship or object can fill the desires of your heart like Christ’s love can.

Now the moment has passed. Maybe someday God will have someone for you like that but right now He is in control and you do not need to be with someone to be happy. Remember that God knows the desires of our hearts and we need to trust Him with those desires and allow Him to work those into our lives. Now, on to the grocery store!

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