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6 Week Study: Embrace the Table

6 Week Study: Embrace the Table

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This 6-session guide is a starting place for singles to embrace their table for one and walk in the truth that they are complete in Christ. Whether you are a single adult or a leader in the church with a desire to reach your single community, this conversation guide will serve as a tool to help the local church understand singles and launch a ministry for a demographic of the church that is sometimes overlooked.

Using this guide will spur conversations about singles found in Scripture, fear and worry, loneliness at a table for one, being complete in Christ, why marriage isn’t the finish line, and living out the fruit of the spirit as a single adult.

At Table for One Ministries, we advocate for singles and build community for single adults through discipleship. We define singles into eight types: Collegiate, Singles Never Married, Dating, Engaged, Divorced, Single Parents, Widows, and Same-Sex Attraction.

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