We have had requests to post a list of singles ministry names we found while serving singles and those who lead singles during the past few years. This list is names we have seen with some added suggestions. Feel free to comment and add your own names as you find them.

At Table for One Ministries, we recommend you don’t use fancy names for a singles ministry description. Call a group what people are going to put into google a search for in your community! That name will be the most effective and relational name you can pick. Often the best results are naming a group “Singles 20+” or Singles 20’s & 30’s” But if you want a list, here it is 🙂

  • F.O.C.A.S. (Fellowship of Christian Adult Singles)
  • Focus on One
  • Interfaze
  • One For the Lord
  • One is a Whole Number
  • Single Adults Living Truth (S.A.L.T.)
  • Single and Soaring Singles Ministry
  • Single Focus
  • Single Life Ministries
  • Single Purpose
  • Single Vision
  • Singled Out
  • Singularity
  • Solo Flight
  • S.W.A.T. (Singles With A Testimony) Team
  • The Bridge
  • The Edge (Every Day Giving Everything)
  • Victorious Single Living Ministries
  • “The Well” of ______ Community Church
  • “High Point” Singles Ministry (ages 35+)
  • The Bridge (ages 35-50)
  • The Peak (Ages 45+)
  • The Porch (https://www.theporch.live/)
  • Positive Single Adults
  • Real Life Singles Ministry
  • Singles Alive in Christ
  • Single Life Ministries
  • Singles Source
  • SingleSource (ages 30+)
  • Solo


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    How about singles mom’s Ministry names I would like start I have about 4right now that are that would great …

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