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Month: August 2018

A culture that hides death hides the Gospel
Leaders to Singles
A culture that hides death hides the Gospel

History lessons teach the impact of death prevalent in culture when death is removed. A look at the Middle Ages finds people lived daily with the reality of death. A look at our current culture reveals a much different story. The current American lifestyle not only doesn’t discuss death, it finds ways to minimize and remove it from our daily life. An obsession with a youth-focused culture certainly is a major voice of today’s messaging.

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The Lie of Porn

Porn is gripping, ruins marriages, is addictive, and while you are single will offer a lie that it is harmless since you are not in a relationship. Porn is not harmless. It affects women and men of all ages and according to 25% of all search requests in the US are pornography related and 34% of church going women admit to looking at pornography.  Watch this video of a testimony from Nate Larkin to

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I Fell in Love with an Atheist

There is no way to dice it or dance around it. I loved an atheist. I loved him with every fiber of my being. Had it not ended, I might have loved him more than I love God. In total transparency, my ex still has a small piece of my heart, that tiny shoebox in the corner of a heart where first loves and tacos live. Our “relationship” was a roller coaster of poor judgment,

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