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Focusing on singles is vital. Regardless of your church’s discipleship model, if you are single or married, or if you are the only pastor on staff. Singles matter. They matter to God and statistics are clear singles are increasing while churches are focusing on family ministry. There has to be a balance to reach the next generation. Leader, you have the intentional  chance to focus on singles in your church and grow you local congregation by focusing on singles. Having a community of believers that focuses on all types of adults will result in reaching your community and growing your church.

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Table for One Ministries - Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - Limiting Guest at Holidays Limits God's Kingdom - web

Limiting Guests at Holidays Limits God’s Kingdom

Matthew 9:10-13 tells us that Jesus gives the perfect example of who He feels should be at our dining table. “Then it happened that as Jesus was reclining at the
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Table for One Ministries - Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - Single Adult POV Two Years into COVID

Single Adult POV Two Years into COVID

“I tried going back to an in-person church, but I didn’t want to take the seat of a family who may need it.” “My job
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How to Start a Singles Ministry or Group

You are likely to know several singles in your church. Enlist their help as you pray towards God’s plan. And when asked, “does your church
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It’s Just Me This Christmas

Regardless whether a person is completely content with being single or not, the holidays for older single adults reveal a somber truth. It is logical
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TFO - Table for One Ministries- Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - Join Already!

Join Already!

“Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make
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Table for One Ministries- Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Blog - Single Pastor, you are not alone

Single Pastor, you are not alone

Being called to bi-vocational or vocational ministry is unique and as rewarding as it is terrifying. Compound that with being a single adult and the
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At Table for One Ministries we are comprised of seminary professors, ministers, doctoral students, and lay leaders passionate about reaching singles. We have been in ministry for decades and know even the most seasoned of leaders can use a helping hand sometimes. Our Ministry wants to help you get the tools you need to reach singles in your area. We offer that in the following ways:

6 Week Study: Embrace the Table


In 6 sessions this study is meant to start the foundation of a community group in your local church or to connect single adults in an existing Bible study.

Topics Include:

  • Defining Single Adults
  • Marriage is not the Finish Line
  • Fear & Worry
  • Loneliness at the Table
  • Singles in Scripture
  • Complete in Christ
  • The Fruit of the Spirit

Interested? Check out a sample lesson! Download it HERE.

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