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The World is Not Safe! Man Up! (Why banning Muslims is not a good idea)

I get it. I do. We all want to be safe where we sleep, work, shop, and live. We see a threat and we want to eliminate it. We naively believe that if we simply rid ourselves of all perceived threats that we will be safe, or at least be safer. The reality is that the world is not a safe place! It ceased to be safe the moment Eve took a bite of the forbidden fruit and handed it to Adam. Murder and mayhem have ensued ever since Cain struck Able with a rock. We live in a world where evil and good are at war. There have been many horrendous acts of terror throughout history and there will be many more before it is through.

With every shooting – well not every shooting only those the media or politicians feel they can use for their agendas – we witness a call to action. These actions take many forms. We should ban all weapons. We should ban some weapons. We should make it harder to get weapons. We should beef up our monitoring of phone calls and social media. The latest, and perhaps the most audacious: we should ban all Muslims from entering the US, monitor or shut down their places of worship, and develop a nation wide database of all Muslims in our country.

Some of these have merit, some are simply unattainable and therefore unrealistic, and some of these are absolutely ridiculous and completely dangerous to the American way of life and Christianity.

I, and many others, would argue that actions targeting Muslims falls into the latter category. On the surface it would appear to make sense that we target Muslims. It is radical Islamic teachings that inspire jihadists to take up arms and commit despicable acts of evil in the name of their god. And these are not just isolated incidents committed by a few lunatics. I will admit that it is pretty widespread throughout the world.

However when we allow the targeting of a specific religion in the US and begin to infringe upon their religious liberties, liberties granted Muslims in the same constitution that grants Christians those same liberties, we open the door to losing our own freedoms. We corrupt the very principles our great nation was found upon.

If you don’t understand how this could happen, then you are either living under the false assumption that the world around you likes Christianity or you are living out a such a milquetoast version of Christianity that no one finds it offensive.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but the argument that you would make to justify stripping away the Muslim’s religious liberties is that your right to live in relative safety far outweighs a Muslim’s right to practice his or her religion. That is to say, the teachings of Islam are contrary to the American way of life and therefore it is a justifiable action to shut them down or at least monitor and control what they are teaching to make sure they don’t infringe upon your rights or safety.
Perhaps you have already followed the trail in your head, but in case you are still so incensed and angered over the latest shooting that you can’t see the future, let me spell it out for you. These are the very same arguments that the LGBT community has been saying about Christianity. Or, for that matter, even Planned Parenthood made the same argument that Christian teaching and the actions of those who are pro-life caused the lunatic in Colorado to walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and open fire.

If you want to help make that argument for the Left, then go ahead but don’t be so naïve to believe it wont come back to haunt you. Christians should always stand for religious freedom and liberty. Because when we allow our country to become selective in it’s application, we cut our own throats. But then again, perhaps you are too busy running scared or angry to see the truth. If that’s the case, man up!

What is the Answer?

Listen to me, we live in a dangerous world. We won’t be truly safe until the Lord returns and restores order. I understand that you want to live in relative safety, I do, but let’s be smart about how we seek that safety. Let’s not overreact in fear, or anger. Neither is an option for the Christian. Let us be smart in our actions, not reacting but being proactive. So what can we do?

First, live out your faith, really live it out! Share with your family, friends, and co-workers about the love of a redemptive Father; the radical love of our God, so radical that he would send his son on a rescue mission to save all who would believe. But don’t stop at talking about love; show it by how you live. Look out for the poor, orphaned and widowed. Look around you there is someone in need close by. Put more into caring for others than you do for yourself. Pray for your enemies and seek to do good.

Second, prepare yourself for the inevitable confrontation with evil. I assure you It will come whether we ban all Muslims from our country or not. It wasn’t a Muslims who opened fire on a school in Colorado, or a church in Texas, or Movie Theater, or a college in Virginia and the list goes on and on.

So actively prepare yourself to defend your loved ones and other peaceful citizens from those who would seek to do us physical harm. Be watchful and alert. If you are trained, carry a weapon and visit your local gun range on a regular basis to stay sharp. I believe that the our government should establish a program whereby veterans who are willing, can receive training and be equipped to defend others in the event of a mass shooting or other act of terror. We train rebels and equip foreign rebels, why not our own citizens.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are 5.2 million veterans who have served in the Gulf War era. This is the demographic that I fit into. These are citizens who have already received some training with firearms from the government and have already demonstrated the willingness to defend our nation and it’s citizens. I say, arm and train us on how to react in the event of a mass shooting or other terrorist event. Give us access to shooting ranges, weapons and ammunition so that we can stay sharp.

Above all accept the fact that we do not live in a safe place, we never have, so man up! Refuse to give into fear, anger, hatred or the desire to seek revenge. Live each day with uninhibited love for your fellow man and with the reality that you may be called upon to give your life in the defense of another, either figuratively or literally.

– James Brown

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