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Why Give to Table For One?

Table for One Ministries seeks to build community for single adults through discipleship. We are not a para-church organization, but a resource destination to both singles and churches on ways to reach single adults. God has called us to connect single adults to Him! This bold path is one that targets all backgrounds and types of single adults, which comprise nearly half of the United States’ population.

Table for One has no payroll. Those who contribute to this ministry; the founder, the board, the writers, the editors, and the volunteers receive no income. Our ministry is held accountable by nine board members, including a CPA that ensures every donation is accounted for and used responsibly to further our ministry goals. Our blogs are written by our board members, by single adult missionaries, and by local church leaders who share our passion for single adults.

Your donation, either monthly or one-time gift, will go towards paying the routine monthly expenses necessary to any organization. Website development, advertising and communications make up the majority of these expenses. We cannot continue to reach out to single adults without your support! In time, we hope to produce curriculum and other paid services to help offset these monthly expenses, but for now we rely solely on your support.

Will you join us? Please pray for us, and also prayerfully consider supporting Table for One Ministries through a financial donation. Tax-refunds often provide a wonderful opportunity for giving. We would also encourage you to prayerfully consider a monthly gift (perhaps $5, or $50, or more) to provide ongoing support for this ministry. Your monthly contribution would help provide a stable platform from which to propel our ministry forward.

Thank you for your prayers and your support! We look forward to years of serving God through this Ministry.

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