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What’s in a Verse?

Are you a Pinner? Table for One is on Pinterest @ We have over 1,500 followers and nearly 4,000 pins. We see nearly 100,000 views a day of our pins and many visits to our website from those pins. Our pins that generate the most traffic are ones with Scripture on them.

What is your favorite verse in Scripture? Search for it on Pinterest and you will be amazed at all the artwork you will find. Scripture portrayed in visual form is powerful, bold, and by pinning it you are spreading God’s Word. Your favorite verse or life verse means a lot to you, so share it with world! Use social media as a way to show your friends what you value and hold close to your heart. Conversations can stem from simple pinning that can encourage others or open a door to share the Gospel.

Everything we do is for His glory! Make sure that social media and every pin you pin glorifies the Lord. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Pin clean jokes, recipes, craft ideas, and more all for the Kingdom.

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