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Trilogy Epic Movie Day

It’s January. You have just come off a holiday bender that goes back to October, where every month has something to celebrate. Your singles group is broke from Christmas and you as a leader are ready to take a break. So put on your pajamas, pull up a couch and be lazy all day long.

Movie trilogy day is a favorite among singles. It involves little effort, no cash, and you don’t have to do anything but sit and watch movies!

Pick a movie trilogy that is easy to watch in a day, a.k.a. not Star Wars. Go for a fun movie that makes people laugh and is kid-friendly for single parents to bring their children. Movies like Toy Story, Shrek, Mission Impossible, and Oceans 11,12,or 13. You can purchase these movies online and edited out for excessive violence and language. It’s worth the investment for your event as everyone will enjoy the day. Here’s what a movie trilogy day looks like.

  • 9am Movie #1
    • Make sure to have drinks on hand, board games, and internet access.
  • Noon
    • Provide a lunch. Make it easy, cheap, and likable by all.
  • 12:30 Movie #2
    • Enjoy!
  • 3pm
    • Offer a break for those that need to leave and come back. Also, if the weather allows you can go outside and toss a Frisbee or have a game of kickball. Some people will want to walk around a bit after being inside all day. Others can stay inside and play games.
  • 6pm
    • Dinner. Do something that is a build your-own option. Pizzas, tacos, sandwiches or anything that gets people involved.
  • 7pm Movie #3
    • Offer popcorn and drinks and enjoy your last movie

People may come for one movie or camp out all day. Regardless, announce the movies times and allow transition time in between. Sharing this information ahead of time will help people to plan for all or part of the day. Either way, this event is a major win for the ministry because you spend a day together talking and sharing a movie series together.

Take lots of pictures and share them on social media as the day progresses to encourage anyone on the fence at home to want to join in. Make awesome popcorn and enjoy your epic day of movie watching!

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