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5 Things Married People Dont Get About Singles

1.   How singles date now. Dating for singles now is the same as it has always been, but completely
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Stop Following Your Heart

Have you ever heard of Lemmings? It was a popular game a few years back, when floppy drives were still
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The “Friend Zone”

No one is happy. The ladies say the guys won’t ask them out. The guys say the ladies stay in
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Table for One Ministries - Ministry for Singles and Leaders to Singles - Names for a Singles Ministry

Names for a Singles Ministry

Names for a Singles Ministry Over the year our ministry to singles has had requests to post a list of
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Another Closed Door

When my marriage of 14 years ended against my wishes, I drove to and from work, often not remembering how
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Lady Porn

Ladies, don’t think you are immune to the trap of pornography. According to, 49% of women found pornography an
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Let Your Yes be YES!

Let’s be honest. Singles are horrible about waiting until the last minute to commit. After all, something better, more fun,
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I Pharisee

When I look in the mirror, what do I see? When I ask myself the question, “How am I doing
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How to Start a Singles Ministry or Group

Pray. This may seem like an obvious step, but sometimes an idea is acted upon out of enthusiasm and not
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A Profile of Singles: Widows

A Deeper look at Widows At Table for One Ministries we are passionate about reaching singles of all ages and
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