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Ministry Launch Guide

Thank you for taking the first step to becoming a single focused church. With this launch guide, our goal is to encourage your church to reach single adults. As a leader, with a focused season, you can help invigorate your local church to rethink how it reaches the world around them. We are not advocating overhauling your church’s vision, logos, discipleship plan, or theology. Ministry leaders, we want your church to be aware of the staggering amount of single adults in your community and consider the possibility they may be the biggest unreached group in America today. The statistics are overwhelming and concrete. All the statistics, the majority from the U.S. census bureau or other governmental agency, are accurate. In other words, we stand by these statistics and believe when you grasp them like we have, you will catch a vision to reach single adults in all areas of your church. Although it will not necessarily result in the creation of a singles ministry, it will stimulate an environment where singles are welcomed and considered equal in the family of God.

At Table for One Ministries, we believe in building community for single adults through discipleship. This launch guide reflects those values as you will not find a “how to guide” to create a new ministry program or events for singles, although we offer resources on our website. Our main goal is that every person realizes they are complete in Christ. The contents of this launch guide will focus on complete in Christ to guide leaders to advocate for singles with a purpose to increase God’s kingdom.

        • In this ministry launch guide, you will find the following information:

          • Sermon Outline with extra resources for pastors.
          • A one-day lesson guide for an entire congregation to use on a singles-focused day or week.
          • A six-week lesson guide for singles who desire to continue fellowship after the single focused day at your church.
          • A Survey to give singles in your congregation to voice ideas and thoughts specific to your church’s ministry to reach single adults.

Thank you again for partnering with Table for One Ministries to be advocates for single adults. We believe this ministry guide can grow your local church and the kingdom of God. Conservatively, singles are more than 40% of America’s population. It is time for us to partner together and reach this generation of single adults for His glory!

PJ Dunn

Minister & Founder of Table for One Ministries

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