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How Does Your Church Preach on Same-Sex Attraction?

Three Actions to Take Now to Reach Those Struggling with SSA

When was the last time your pastor preached on same-sex attraction? Did he even call it that or did he call it homosexuality, gay, and other terms? Singles ministry and this issue are biblically woven together. The majority who struggle with or engage in same-sex attraction are single. Often times, when pastors are so focused on condemning the sin, they neglect important points:

1. Call it what it is, Same-Sex Attraction (SSA)

Some words are so arming that the message of love and acceptance is never heard. Encourage your pastor to use the term Same-Sex Attraction when talking about the issue. Reason being, someone may hear “gay” and think they aren’t, but hear SSA and think “Yeah, I do struggle with that.” Words matter.

2. Singles Ministry can reach those who STRUGGLE with SSA

Many churches are not comfortable dealing with this issue, but singles ministry should be. Regardless whether your church has a singles minister or not, singles ministry is a place for those that struggle to find healing, hope, and love in a church environment. When the church can align biblically on this issue, they have the opportunity to provide love instead of condemnation.

Struggle is the key word of SSA. When someone is struggling, they are open to God’s love. If they are not fighting the battle with sin, the Holy Spirit cannot work in their lives. Encourage the struggle!

3. Define the “Win” for those who struggle with SSA

The “win” here is not for those that struggle to be married with three kids. Nope, the victory in this sin, like all others, is found in the power of Christ changing lives and Him becoming the most important relationship. Being complete in Christ and not an earthly relationship is the win, not acting out in a heterosexual lifestyle due to struggling with SSA. After all, with any sin, choosing to act on our worldly desires is the issue, not the fact we all struggle with sin.

Table for One Ministries is committed to reaching singles of all backgrounds and generations. We want to build community through discipleship for all single adults. If you need more information on this issue, contact us at We would love to help!

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