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God Uses Singles in Missions

One of the greatest missionaries who was single was the apostle Paul. Paul traveled wherever the Lord lead Him, whenever He lead him. When Paul talks about being single in 1 Corinthians 7, he urges singles to remain single because he sees the value of serving the Lord in missions regardless of relationship status. In fact, Paul valued being single more than being married because he saw the great opportunities given to singles who served God as he did. But for those who “burned with passion” he also suggests they find a person and marry.

Acts 1:8 is a statement for everyone to share the Gospel all over the world. As singles, being alone in this task can seem overwhelming and at times unreachable without a spouse. But singles are never alone when they have accepted Christ and He will be there every step of the way for the mission, just as he was for Paul. Singles are doing amazing mission work around the globe and Table for One Ministries wants to share these stories with the world to encourage other single adults to go on mission.

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Ready to Go On Mission?

At Table for One Ministries we get it; if you’re a single adult looking to go into missions the journey seems insurmountable. So we have a team of singles in the mission field who are here for you to talk with as you decide on where God has called you. For leaders of singles, reach out to single adults currently in missions and hear how God is using singles around the world for His glory!

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