A Deeper look at Dating Singles

At Table for One Ministries we are passionate about reaching singles of all ages and backgrounds. In this series of blogs we are looking at the “profile” of each type of single adult. While these are not all encompassing, they are meant to help singles and those who lead singles understand that type of single adult better or in a different light. We welcome feedback and additions to these profiles as we grow our ministry to [email protected]

Characteristics of this Group

Singles looking to date can come from many backgrounds; divorced, single parent, widowed, or never married. Nearly 45% of adults in America are single. This means there is a large variety of singles looking to possibly date at any life stage. Often a church is in a difficult place to find someone to date as some singles may have grown up in the church or the church has a small single adult population. Many singles turn to social events, bars, and dating services because the church lacks a diverse single adult population.

Ministry Needs in this Group

Having a relationship with God is priority number one for dating singles. Before bringing someone into their life, single adults have the opportunity for an amazing relationship with the One who created them. Just like Adam in the garden, singles need to have a strong relationship with God first before seeking a relationship with another person. Who singles are in Christ before they marry will be who they are to their spouse when they are married. Since dating singles come from all backgrounds, never assume they are never married or do not have children. The primary need for this group is to have a loving intimate relationship. That need can be provided through a relationship with Christ and does not require a spouse to feel complete.

Communication Strategies for this Group

Communication to dating singles can be challenging as so many secular companies and social media groups target this demographic. Dating singles have TV, radio, social sites, websites, search engines, family and friends all pushing for the single to be complete with in a relationship with another person. Singles hear the phrase “you’ll be happier in a relationship.” But, it’s a disservice to promote this attitude.

Happiness does not come by any relationship except through Christ. So to communicate to this group effectively, the message needs to be focused on anything but dating and marriage. Singles hear enough from the secular world about the need to date. The Church needs to be the place where singles come and find the truth based in Scripture.

Strategy for Reaching this Group

To target the dating single adult, an organization must be willing to grow and reach out to new single adults. Doing so will diversify the adults looking to date within the group and offer a wider variety to those looking to date with potential options. It is not the role of the church to offer a dating service to those looking to date, but certainly reaching new adults for Christ and integrating them into the church is effective. Singles who are not dating do not want to hear about how great marriage will be for them one day, especially since many are wondering if they will ever find a person to wed. Rather, organizations need to focus on growing in community and discipleship to help further the relationship of dating single adults. Doing so will elevate their relationship with Christ as the most important one in their life, so that when they do date their priorities in the correct place.

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